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At Bayshore Gifts in Glass we are passionate about the artwork we create, and we make a lot of it! Our artists specialize in glass-blowing, flame-working, fused and slumped glass as well as glass cremation art!

We like to consider our glass studio one of Winnipeg's "hottest" attractions, because we make everything on site. Come visit us on the second floor of the Forks Market at any time of year to watch our artists practice their craft, bending and shaping hot glass into intricate and delicate figurines before your eyes!

All our glass artwork is hand-made with care and precision, each individual piece is entirely unique and one-of-a-kind!

Our glass gallery is filled with pieces we've conjured up from our imagination, but what we really love are your custom orders! We specialize in creating highly personal pieces for our customers for any occasion, and we appreciate the challenge of transforming your ideas into thoughtful gifts for your loved ones!

What you can find here?

You can find everything from figurines, jewelry, plates, coasters, lamps, wine stoppers, cake toppers, Name on a Grain of Rice necklaces and more! Some of our feature items are glass dragons, molecule necklaces, hummingbird figurines, custom Christmas ornaments, octopus necklaces, aromatherapy pendants, and flattened bottle cheeseboards. We ship everywhere!

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We ship everywhere

Normally, shipping fee is around $12-17. Price may vary according to different situations. You can estimate the cost via Canada Post.

Want to do business with us?

If you want to know about our wholesale price and policy, contact us at
+1 (204) 415-7228 or bayshoregiftsinglass@gmail.com. We are happy to have a further discussion with you.